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Bows[edit | edit source]

Name Type Requirements Stats Location EMV Additional Comments
War Bow Speed: Normal Type: Bow Lvl 10 25 watk (weapon attack) Henesys Weapons; Vicious NPC Potentially your first bow.
Composite Bow S: Normal T: Bow Lvl 15 20 Str 40 Dex 30 watk Henesys Weapons; Vicious NPC; Monster-Drop: Stump Your first bow if you decided to use melee weapons until level 15.
Hunter's Bow S: Normal T: Bow Lvl 20 25 Str 65 Dex 35 watk Henesys Weapons; Vicious NPC; Monster-Drop: Orange Mushroom It is highly economical to make this bow from 50 Red Snail Shells and 30 Processed Woods.
Battle Bow S: Fast T: Bow Lvl 25 30 str 80 Dex 40 watk Henesys Weapons; Vicious NPC The first "Fast" bow.
Ryden Normal Bow 35 Str 95 Dex (42-45(avg)-50) watk Vicious, El Nath Weapons; Vicious; Drop: Wild Boars, Jr Sentinels 120k Your average joe bow, nothing special, not recommended, wait until you can wield the Red Viper bow, it's way better.
Red Viper Fast Bow Lvl 35, str 40, dex 110 (50-55) watk Vicious, Jr. Yetis, Tick, El Nath Weapons 200k Strongest "Fast" bow
Vaulter 2000 Normal Bow Lvl 40, str 45, dex 125 (50-60) watk Vicious, Jr. Pepes, El Nath Weapons 350k Also known as V2k.
Maple Soul Searcher S: Fast T: Bow Lvl 43 53-63 watk Maple Anniversary ??? The last Fast bow, its recommanded that you 60% it.
Olympus Normal Bow Lvl 50, str 50, dex ??? (60-70) watk Monster Drop: Cargo 2 mil Also known as Oly.
Asianic Bow Normal Bow Lvl 60, str 65, dex 185 (70-80) watk Monster Drop: Dark Yeti, TauroSpear 10 to 15 mil Also known as Asi
The Hinkels (Blue, Red, Gold) Normal Bow Lvl 70, str 75, dex 205 75-80-85 watk Avoid +1 For Blue, Acc +1 for Red, Speed +10 for Gold Monster Drop: Yeti for Blue, Jr. Balrog and Klock for Red, YePe and Buffoon for Gold 20 to 30 mil Three colors, three different stat increases
The Arunds (Marine, Fire, Dark, Gold) Normal Bow Lvl 80, str 85, dex 220 (80-85-90) watk Acc +1 For Marine, Avoid +1 for Fire, Speed +10 for Dark, Jump+3 for Gold Monster Drop: Ghost Pirate for Fire, Cerebes and Spirit Viking for Marine, No drop for Gold and Dark yet 30 to 40 mil Comes in four flavours! Blueberry, chocolate, vanilla, and sorbet!

Crossbows[edit | edit source]

Name Type Requirements Stats Location EMV Additional Comments
Heckler Fast XBow lvl 38, str 38, dex ??? 49-59 (54) Attk z. lupins, viscious, el nath (250K) Unknown Also known as Heckler
Silver Crow Normal XBow lvl 42, str 42, dex ??? Attack 59 (54~64) Monster Drop Unknown Also known as SC
Golden Crow Normal XBow ??? ?? Monster Drop Unknown Also known as GC
Maple Crow Fast XBow lvl 35 Attack 52 (48~57); Speed +7 (6~8) Monster Drop Unknown 1st anniversary event weapon, when monster is hit by it it says"Happy Mapling!". Pretty cool XBow, sell for really high price. Only for Global MS anniversary event. Dropped by high level monsters.