Kitchen Remodel/Reshaping the space

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Reshaping the space

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In the case of my own project, the remodel did not just mean a new kitchen, but a reshaping of the space, too – walls and ceiling:

If someone is an architect and has an expert spacial sense, they will probably walk through a room and then come up with a new, better and more beautiful shape just like that. But someone who is untrained in architecture may have difficulties to imagine a potential or future space that does not lie directly in front of them. On any account, a visual simulation will be a priceless aid. For want of access to pertinent software like SketchUp, Revit or 3D Studio Max, I used what was easily available for me: Blender, that is a well-documented free and open source software. You do not need to become proficient in a 3D computer graphics software if you only want to use it for one project; some basics will probably do. But even then it is not just helpful, but also fun.

Next, I show you a random selection of my Blender renders. They are from various stages of my design process. I did those mostly to familiarize myself with the space shape that I designed. But as you can tell, there were also helping me in the long process of decision making about cabinet front products and about colors.

A story of demolition and reconstruction in 20 pictures

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The works that are documented in the following images spanned over a time period of 15 weeks, even though, for various reasons, only a part of those days were actual construction work days. Because we were still living in the house and needed a makeshift kitchen during the construction, the northernmost part of the space, which required only very little work, was sectioned off and put behind a dust curtain.