Kitchen Remodel/Outcome

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What is still left to do

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My final kitchen suggestion: A rolling stool can be used for sitting and even as a makeshift kitchen island. Historically, most kitchen work was done sitting, because it is much less tiring.

On completion of this book, my kitchen project is not quite finished yet. One of the important things that I have found confirmed during the lengthy process of this remodel is that a slow progress may be a nuisance, but it bears great opportunities, too, to think things over and to become creative to a degree that you otherwise wouldn't. In my case, this includes a number of action items that we have not completed yet:

  • The backsplash. Our first idea was to use wall tiles, either up to the floating shelves or just a single row of tiles, 4" (10 cm) high, possibly white subway tiles. We have been discussing that back and forth, until we came to the conclusion that we didn't want to introduce still another type of material to that space. Now we have the idea of using a low panel of wood instead, 4" (10 cm) high, matching the window sill and the floating shelves that are on the same wall where the backsplash is needed. We are planning to add some groove pattern to match the backsplash board's shape to the custom baseboards which we have installed in our entire home.
  • The color. Until now, there are virtually no colors in our kitchen, only stainless steel, white, grey and reddish brown. In the future, I see a lot of green in that space, either from wall paint or from wall paper or from indoor plants (or all of that).
  • The "breakfast nook". There is a 100 sqft (10 m²) area adjacent to our kitchen bar, which we originally had planned to populate with chairs and a table for breakfast. Currently, we are reconsidering that because we already have a very nice dining area at the opposite end of the kitchen space, and honestly don't see too much probability that we will ever use the place for that purpose, even if there were proper furniture. There are no decisions made yet, but we may rather use the area to put two accent arm chairs there and a low side table, an inviting place were we can read and have a cup of coffee and chat about or next project…