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Introduction to Mass Media

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A Short Survey of Mass Media

An Undergraduate Open Textbook

Created by William Hart, Ph.D.[1]

and his graduate students in MCM510[2]

at Norfolk State University

This is currently a first draft and will continue to be edited.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Theory

Chapter 3 - Radio

Chapter 4 - Film

Chapter 5 - Television

Chapter 6 - Internet

Chapter 7 - Social Media

Chapter 8 - Journalism

Chapter 9 - Public Relations

Chapter 10 - Advertising

Chapter 11 - Media Law and Ethics

Chapter 12 - International Media


  1. WilliamHartPhD.com, professional website.
  2. MCM510, course website. The names of the student authors may be indicated at the beginning of each chapter.