Information Technology and Ethics/Employee Communications

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Company Phones, Email, Video and Phone Chats, Physical Mail[edit | edit source]

Company phones must be treated with professionalism. The phone is provided by the company and the employee should be agile in using it. No personal use with the company's cell phone only for work related. IT Organizations also have the right to access the device since it is in their policy and the company paid and provided the device. The company can access the phone in any events that can endanger human lives or bring destruction to the company.

E-Mail is provided by the company and every employee must treat it as a professional tool and not a toy. Companies must take care of the E-Mail service they provide because it can be used to cause harm if an employee gets carried away. The company has access to all the E-Mails being sent and written on the company’s network and time. If E-Mail is misused by a company a lot of irreparable damage can be done. Email is still being used widely today throughout the world and it can be abused easily. Video and Phone chats can be abused by employees in any company. Spam calling, absurd video behavior, and many more can send a bad image to any potential and existing clients. A company can record all phone calls and video chats as they please to keep order in place in a company's network. Since the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020 many companies, institutions, and governments switch to virtual meetings and phone meetings. Having a good strong video conferencing and phone policy can educate employees and keep the company from looking bad.

Physical mail can also be abused in today's time. Sending threatening letters or black mailing other clients can lead to a bad image for any company. There were several instances where employees were using the mail system at companies to black mail clients into releasing information. A company must keep a good eye on physical mail and educate their employees to avoid risky behavior that can damage the company.

Be Professional as an Employee[edit | edit source]

The employee is the face of the company. A company that wants to show that they are friendly and professional must treat all employees with respect. Having good relationships with employees has been proven to significantly improve a companies reputation and stand out from the rest. The same goes for remote work because of the pandemic. Many companies need to have a strong work from home policy to avoid any issues from occurring between employees and clients.

Interpersonal Communication Changes Affected by COVID-19 Pandemic[edit | edit source]

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many businesses especially those with interpersonal communications. A company must take measures to combat the spread of the virus and limit interactions with clients and employees. Many companies can switch to remote work to protect their employees and clients from the virus. Until the virus is contained interpersonal communication can be restored since many clients prefer to meet face to face rather than remotely. The interpersonal communication must be addressed at all times to save lives and to keep business running smoothly.