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Job Search[edit]

Job searching, job hunting or job seeking is the act of looking for employment, due to unemployment or discontent with a current position. The immediate goal of job seeking is usually to obtain a job interview with an employer which may lead to getting hired. The job hunter or seeker typically first looks for job vacancies or employment opportunities. Traditionally, job seekers used to flip through newspapers, listen to radio advertisements or physically visit companies for job possibilities, The advent of computers and Social Media has changed the way job seekers and recruiters search for jobs or candidates respectively.

Disadvantages and advantages of Social Networking[edit]

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If anyone were to “Google” your name what would they find? This is what many job seekers should think about before they upload inappropriate content on a social networking websites. Some believe an employer does not have the right to delve into the private lives of their prospective employees. However, prospective employers think differently because what their employees do may have a bearing on how their workers perform, and what employees do on their off time may reflect poorly on the company’s image. Social networking can be helpful to both job seekers and employers; they can begin by starting something that's related to your career interest. Your blog could also help showcase your skills and track you job search. Here are few Do's and Don’ts of social networking.

  • Be careful of what you put online. With the power of cloud computing and enormous storage devices, search engines and social media channels are storing tons of information about you, and are they readily available online.
  • Be careful of what you write or post online because deleting an 'inappropriate picture' from your social media page like Facebook doesn't mean that the picture will not be found when searched. The social media channels have ultimate power to retain materials posted, and search engines can trace almost anything posted online.
  • Creating an online account and posting resumés on job sites like Dice, Indeed, Simplyhired, Beyond, TheLadders, Monster etc. exposes your online presence (your resume) to many recruiters and makes your resumé easily searchable. An online resume should include relevant industry standard 'keywords' to make it searchable.
  • Be consistent with your online presence information: be consistent with your experience, education or information your post on different channels, because that can easily bite you. Remember your online presence is a public entity——people can access it anytime——and misrepresenting your experience, education or simply being inconsistent can damage your online credibility. Do frequently "Google" yourself to see your online presence, you might be surprise with the outcome.
  • Do not use inappropriate images or party pictures as your LinkedIn profile photo or on your portfolio, because recruiters could easily judge your character by simply looking at your images. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Do not include a hyperlink on your resume which may contain an inappropriate content. Also, if you include a hyperlink to Facebook, LinkedIn or your online portfolio, please test and make sure the links works, and it corresponds to the right information.
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Professional social networking sites like LinkedIn are specifically designed to connect with people you know like other networking sites. Unlike other sites they post listing for professional jobs. If you are looking for a job in a specific company linked allows you to search for connections within the company. LinkedIn also allows users to email all their connections about searches and posting. Twitter can also be used to search for jobs; tweets on job posting can allow you an advantage in applying for a job. Following companies may allow job seekers help in discovering if a company may be the right for them.

The rule of thumb of using Social Media, is to stay away from posting pictures, articles, tweets, comments etc. when you are angry, drunk, or otherwise “not at your best”; and double check anything before posting it. Remember, everything that comes to your mind is not necessarily meant for the public.


Since Organizations are always looking for new forms of advertising, they have discovered a new medium——social networks.There are two reasons why advertisers may use social networks. Advertisers can create a opportunity to generate a conversation with people who view the ad. Advertisments are sometimes targeted to reach a certain demographic of people. Advertisers use different strategies so that their messages meet their target audiences. Direct advertising is when a banner is displayed either on everyone's homepage or used to target specific people. Companies are beginning to create groups to advertise a particular product and interest users can join and become fans and the group may grow because more people join because of their friends. This sort of advertising can create viral marketing, which encourages individuals to pass along marketing messages.