HKDSE Geography/M1/Plate Boundaries

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The narrow zone between two adjacent plates is called a plate boundary.

Three Types of Plate Boundaries[edit | edit source]

Let's review the three types:

Constructive/convergent plate boundaries Destructive/divergent plate boundaries Conservative plate boundaries
Convection currents which are Rising/Diverging Sinking/Converging /
cause plates to Diverge from each other Converge/collide into each other Slide past each other
and create Tensional force Compressional force Shear/lateral force

This diagram shows the three types of boundaries (transform plate boundaries = conservative plate boundaries, but that term is not accepted in Hong Kong):

Tectonic plate boundaries.png

The World's Plate Boundaries[edit | edit source]

This diagram shows all of the earth's plate boundaries:

Tectonic plates for HKDSE Geog.svg

You should be able to identify the boundary types by looking at the directions of the arrows, which indicate compression, tension or lateral force.