HKDSE Geography/M1/Perception of Risks

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Rational Perception of Risks[edit]

  • When a hazard appears infrequently in an area and with low intensity, people will choose to absorb losses.
  • When a hazard exceeds the awareness threshold, people will take notice of it. However, they will still accept the losses.
  • When the frequency and magnitude of the hazard reaches the action threshold, people will take measures to minimise the losses.
  • When the hazard exceeds the intolerance threshold, people will move away from the area.

Other Perceptions[edit]

  • Some believe hazards cannot occur in the same location twice, i.e. 'Lightning does not strike the same place twice.'
  • Some believe that the occurence of hazard is controlled by a deity, and it is thus meaningless to attempt to evade it.
  • Some may forget the possibility of a hazard after a long time, e.g. dormant volcanoes.
  • Some may believe the government provides sufficient production, and it is thus unnecessary to move out of the area.