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HKDSE Geography

development mutually exclusive?

Important Note on the Dynamic Earth Curriculum[edit]

There were two main changes to the geography curriculum in 2014:

  • The number of hours was reduced
  • There were 'minor' changes to the Dynamic Earth module.

Let's look at the 'minor' changes:

  • A typo was corrected (resourc → resource)
  • A small part was removed (interactions between the earth's systems)
  • A note that reads 'There is no need to go into details of each process. Emphasis should be placed on how these processes shape the overall physical landscape of Hong Kong.' was removed.

Therefore, this book will remove the system part (which your textbook does cover) and add parts your textbook does not cover (i.e. details on internal and external processes).

Guiding Questions[edit]

From the curriculum and assessment guide:

  • How should we look at the Earth as a system?
  • What is the overall structure of the Earth?
  • How is rock formed?
  • What is the general geomorphology and geology of Hong Kong?
  • What are the major landform features in Hong Kong?
  • How can people manage the geological resources and geological hazards in Hong Kong?

Table of Contents[edit]