HKDSE Geography/E1/Geological Tourism and Education

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How does Geopark promote sustainable development?

- allowing geological research

- promoting ecotourism

Evaluation of the effectiveness of setting up the Hong Kong Geopark in conserving the geological resources in the High Island area


•       development is forbidden within the park

→    laws related to the Geopark can prohibit improper behaviours (e.g. graffiti / water / solid waste pollution)

→    help protect the geological resources

•       public has low awareness towards geological resources protection in Hong Kong

→    the establishment of geopark provides an opportunity for educating the public about the unique geology of Hong Kong

→    provides suitable educational resources and field study destination for the students and the general public

→    encourage scientific research on geosciences

→    conserves the completeness of the natural environment for scientific research + gains further support for conservation

•       designating the area as the Geopark encourages small-scale eco-tourism

→    helps maintain the carrying capacity of the area

→    increases the attractiveness of Hong Kong as a tourist spot


•       the setting up of the Geopark may attract more tourists

→    large influx of tourists, leading to various problems, e.g. by littering, taking away rocks/gravels, climbing and engraving/drawing graffiti on rocks

→    cause disturbance to the local residents

→    minor damage to geological features will occur

→    solid waste pollution will become more serious

→    since the location is relatively remote, it is costly and difficult to monitor visitors’ behavior → the landform cannot be properly protected

•       construction of infrastructure, such as pavilions/ roads, footpaths, toilets, etc. may damage the natural environment

•       the extent of the Geopark is limited: private land and villages are excluded from the Geopark

•       local people may oppose to the setting up of the Geopark/it may lead to social conflicts

       Other measures to conserve the geological resources

       •       stricter law enforcement to prevent removal or destruction of geological resources

       •       education to promote public awareness and participation in the conservation of geological resources

       •       eco-tourism in the Geopark to ensure minimal impact on the area