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The simple 3/4 beat

[edit | edit source]

If you come across a song in 3/4 time, you can simply use the following beat.

With 3/4 time you have a different rhythm. You always have to count to 3 and not to 4. Experience shows that beginners always have problems switching from 4/4 time to 3/4 time and vice versa.

Whether it is 4/4 time or 3/4 time, you just have to count it out. Either it works to always count to 4, or it works to always count to 3.

It is easier if you can find the information in the song itself, or if you can find the time signatures in the musical notation.

  • The 3/4 time
  • The 4/4 time

If necessary, a 6/8 time can also be accompanied with the 3/4 beat, although you will learn more suitable strumming or plucking patterns for the 6/8 beat later.

  • The 6/8 time


[edit | edit source]
  1. YT   Still Haven't Found What I'm looking for (U2) //: D - - - G - D - :// //: A G D - :// (3/4-Takt)
  2. YT   Ich und ein Fass voller Wein (Versengold) © //:G - D - C D7 G D (4x) G - C - G - D - (2x) C D G -:// 3/4 time (original capo 2nd fret) The C comes in the next lesson.


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