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GENtle: Tools and Dialogs

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Global program options can be altered via Tools/Options.

Global settings

[edit | edit source]
Global settings.
Option Description
Language Currently English and German are available
Enhanced display Can be turned off on machines with very show graphics
Show sequence title Displays the sequence title in the DNA map
Show sequence length Displays the sequence length in the DNA map
Load last project on startup Automatically loads the last used project when starting GENtle
Use metafile format Generates a WMF when copying the DNA map instead of a bitmap
Show splashscreen Shows the GENtle splash screen when starting
Check for new version on startup Checks (and downloads) a new GENtle version via internet on startup
Use internal help Help should open in a browser window by default. If that doesn't work, check this option

Enzyme settings

[edit | edit source]
Enzyme settings.

Here the gloal enzyme options can be selected. These can be overridden for an individual sequence in the sequence editor, where there is a tab identical to this one.

Option Description
Use global enzyme settings Turn most of the other options on this tab on or off globally
Join enzymes In a DNA map, cuts of isoenzymes can be grouped together instead of displayed individually
Use color coding Restriction enzymes can be shown in a color matching their number of cuts in a given sequence. The three buttons to the right of this option each hold a color choice dialog for single, double, and triple cutters.
Use min/max cutoff Shows only enzymes that cut a minimum/maximum times
Sequence length Shows only enzymes with recognition sequences of the selected lengths
Use enzyme group Uses only enzymes from the selected enzyme group
Show methylation Shows DAM and/or DCM methylation in map and sequence, in red
Show GC contents shows the GC contents in the map