Foundations and Assessment of Education/Edition 1/Foundations Table of Contents/Chapter 14

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Content Articles[edit]

14.1.1 -- Grades and the Purpose of Grades: Should we even give grades? What kind?

14.2.1 -- Helping Students Set Goals and Monitor their own Learning

14.3.1 -- Getting Students Involved in the Assessment Process

14.4.1 -- Zeroes and Missing Work: What's a teacher to do?

14.5.1 -- Report Cards: The best way to measure student progress?

14.6.1 -- Alternative Assessments

14.7.1 -- Portfolios

14.8.1 -- High-stakes Testing: Pros and Cons

14.9.1 -- Are Asian Kids Really the Smartest? Are Tests Biased and if not, Why are there Achievement Gaps between Races and Economic Classes?

Concluding Information[edit]

Chapter Review

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