Cookbook:Microwave Chocolate Cake

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Microwave Chocolate Cake
Category Cake recipes
Servings 1 serving
Time 5 minutes

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A quick and easy chocolate cake recipe made in the microwave.

Ingredients[edit | edit source]

Procedure[edit | edit source]

  1. Mix the dry ingredients well in a small bowl or large mug.
  2. Add the egg and mix thoroughly.
  3. Pour in the milk and oil and mix well.
  4. Add vanilla essence and chocolate chips (if using), mix again.
  5. Pour into two greased 9 inch round baking pans or keep in large mug.
  6. Microwave on high for 3 minutes or until it stops rising.
  7. Allow to cool a little; tip out onto a plate if desired.

Variations[edit | edit source]

  • A teaspoon of cinnamon or vanilla adds a nice flavor.

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