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Maple Barbecue Baby Back Ribs
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These ribs have beaten some of the best BBQ joints around, including Famous Dave's and Roscoe's, in local competitions.

Ingredients[edit | edit source]

Procedure[edit | edit source]

  1. Remove membrane on the bottom of the ribs. Season both sides liberally with rib rub and refrigerate at least 1 hour.
  2. Place enough hickory and applewood chunks in the firebox of a smoker to keep the temperature around 200 °F (95 °C).
  3. Place ribs in smoker and cook, brushing with barbecue sauce every 1½ hours for 4 hours or until very tender, changing chunks as needed.
  4. Brush meat side of ribs liberally with sauce and place meat side down on a very, very hot grill until well browned and slightly charred.
  5. Slice into one-rib portions and serve with additional sauce.