Complex Analysis

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This Wikibook aims to be a comprehensive text on complex analysis, the study of complex numbers and complex functions.

Contributors include Samuel Cormier-Iijima, Tachyon01, Mathmensch, and Fephisto. Add your name here if you contribute!

See also: Calculus/Complex_analysis

Table of Contents[edit]

Chapter 1: Complex Numbers[edit]

Chapter 2: Complex Functions[edit]

Chapter 3: Elementary Functions[edit]

Chapter 4: Residue Theory[edit]


  1. Complex numbers
  2. Complex differentiable, holomorphic, Cauchy–Riemann equations
  3. Function series, power series, Euler's formula, polar form, argument
  4. Contour integrals
  5. Cauchy's theorem for star-shaped domains, Cauchy's integral formula, Montel's theorem
  6. Differentiability and analyticity of holomorphic functions, Cauchy's differentiation formulae, Morera's theorem
  7. Identity theorem, Liouville-type theorems, Riemann's theorem
  8. Extremum principles, open mapping theorem, Schwarz' lemma
  9. Types of singularities, meromorphic functions, Laurent series, Casorati–Weierstrass theorem
  10. Chains, cycles, winding numbers, nullhomologous, the general Cauchy theorem
  11. The residue theorem, argument principle, Rouché's theorem, Hurwitz' theorem
  12. Exercises


  1. Picard's little theorem
  2. Picard's great theorem
  3. The Riemann mapping theorem


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