Complete Guide to Essential Oils/A to Z of essential oils

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Please consult a doctor or herbalist for proper application of oils. The perfumery note of an oil refers to the rate at which the oil evaporates. Top notes evaporate more quickly and base notes more slowly. As a result, top note scents are perceived more quickly than base note scents.

Essential oil Perfumery note Information
Amyris Base
Angelica Base
Anise Top
Balsam, Peru Base
Basil Top
Bay Middle
Bay Laurel Top
Benzoin Base
Bergamot Top
Bergamot Mint Top
Bois-de-rose — see Rosewood Middle/Top
Boronia Middle
Cajuput Middle
Camphor Middle
Cardamom Middle
Carrot Seed Middle
Cedarwood, Atlas Base
Cedarwood, Virginian Base
Chamomile, German Middle
Chamomile, Roman Middle
Cinnamon Base/Middle
Citronella Top
Clary Sage Middle
Clove Base/Middle
Coriander Middle
Cypress Middle
Dill Middle
Elemi Base/Middle
Eucalyptus Middle/Top
Eucalyptus, Lemon Middle/Top
Eucalyptus Radiata Middle/Top
Fennel Middle/Top
Fir Needle Middle
Frankincense Base
Galbanum Top
Geranium Middle
Geranium, Rose Middle
Ginger Base/Middle
Grapefruit Top
Helichrysum Middle
Honeysuckle Middle
Hyssop Middle
Immortelle — see Helichrysum Middle
Jasmine Middle
Juniper Berry Middle
Kanuka Middle
Lavandin Middle
Lavender Middle
Lemon Top
Lemongrass Top
Lime Top
Linden Blossom Middle
Mandarin Top
Manuka Middle
Marjoram Middle
May Chang Middle
Melissa Middle
Momordica charantia Middle
Myrrh Base
Myrtle Middle/Top
Myrtle, Lemon Top
Neroli Middle/Top
Niaouli Top
Nutmeg Middle
Oakmoss Base
Olibanum — see Frankincense Base
Orange, Bitter Top
Orange, Sweet Top
Oregano Middle
Palmarosa Middle
Parsley Middle
Patchouli Base
Pepper, Black Base/Middle
Peppermint Top
Petitgrain Top
Pine Middle/Top
Ravensara Top
Rose Middle
Rosemary Middle
Rosewood Middle/Top
Sandalwood Base
Spearmint Top
Spikenard Base
Spruce Middle
Tagetes Top
Tangerine Top
Tea Tree Top
Thyme Middle
Tobacco Base
Tuberose Middle
Turmeric Middle
Vanilla Base
Vetiver Base
Violet Leaf Middle
Yarrow Middle
Ylang Ylang Base/Middle