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Horticulture > Finder > Special > Quality Nectar Source

This category contains plants that provide high-quality nectar for insects and birds such as hummingbirds.

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  1. Horticulture/Phlox paniculata
  2. Horticulture/Viburnum prunifolium
  3. Horticulture/Rubus pensilvanicus
  4. Horticulture/Trifolium pratense
  5. Horticulture/Thymus 'Spicy Orange'
  6. Horticulture/Prunus laurocerasus
  7. Horticulture/Physocarpus
  8. Horticulture/Packera obovata
  9. Horticulture/Ilex crenata
  10. Horticulture/Spiraea thunbergii
  1. Horticulture/Spiraea thunbergii
  2. Horticulture/Trifolium pratense
  3. Horticulture/Packera obovata
  4. Horticulture/Leucanthemum vulgare
  5. Horticulture/Physocarpus
  6. Horticulture/Prunus laurocerasus
  7. Horticulture/Thymus 'Spicy Orange'
  8. Horticulture/Rubus pensilvanicus
  9. Horticulture/Fragaria vesca
  10. Horticulture/Viburnum prunifolium

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