Rubus pensilvanicus

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Rubus pensilvanicus
Rubus pensilvanicus

Wild Blackberry
Rubus pensilvanicus flowers.JPG
Binomial: Rubus pensilvanicus
Family: Rosaceae
Type: Bramble

Rubus pensilvanicus (Pennsylvania Blackberry or Wild Blackberry), is a thorny bramble native to eastern North America.


The canes are green at first but then turning dark red, usually ridged, with copious straight spines. The leaves are compound, usually bearing 5 or 7 leaflets. The flowers are white with large petals, bourne in mid-spring. The fruits are large aggregates of black drupelets, thich are somewhat sweet and often used for jams and jellies.

Growing Conditions[edit]



While rarely planted, the wild blackberry does provide showy flowers and fruits, and is attractive to songbirds and other wildlife. Like all Rubus species, it can serve as a host to diseases that can affect the cultivated types.




Pests and Diseases[edit]