Annotations of The Complete Peanuts/1975 to 1976

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Annotations to The Complete Peanuts: 1975 to 1976 by Charles M. Schulz (Fantagraphics Books, 2010. ISBN 1606993453

  • p. 94 (August 4, 1975). Schulz lived with his family in Needles, Ca., from 1929 to 1931. They went there to join his mother's brother Monte Halverson. Her other brother Silas, her sister Ella, and her mother also joined them.[1]
  • p. 207 (April 25, 1976). Today not so well-known because of more advanced wireless communication systems, Citizen's Band (CB) radio became very popular in the mid-1970s. Its users had a notorious way of expressing themselves in coded and slang language. They organized themselves in clubs and many invested considerable time and resources in their hobby. CB radio enthusiasts eventually formed a kind of alternate culture.
  • p. 268 September 13-October 28, 1976 The strip's longest storyline: almost seven weeks.
  • p. 268 September 14 Peppermint Patty is confusing George Washington and presentational election to ophthalmologist and sports. Bunker Hill was a famous battle during the American Revolution, a war that spotlighted Washington.
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