Annotations of The Complete Peanuts/1973 to 1974

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Annotations to The Complete Peanuts: 1973 to 1974 by Charles M. Schulz (Fantagraphics Books, 2009. ISBN 1606992864

  • p. 17 (February 8, 1973). One of the rare occasions, if not the only one, where "Peppermint" Patty does not call Charlie Brown "Chuck."
  • p. 35 (March 24, 1973). "I'm in the alpha state." The early 1970s saw a great amount of media attention and popular interest in the field of electroencephalography. Biofeedback techniques were believed to have a great future helping people alleviate their anxiety or achieve better mental performances.
  • p. 68 (June 7, 1973). The book Jonathan Livingston Seagull achieved its peak popularity in 1972. At the time, it had a considerable impact on popular culture.
  • p. 93 (August 5, 1973). "Happy birthday, Amy!" Amy is the name of one of Schulz's daughters.
  • p. 130 (October 30, 1973). "Peppermint" Patty forgets her past acquaintance with the Great Pumpkin story. On October 24, 1966, she even declared herself a believer.
  • p. 250 (August 5, 1974). See note on page 93.
  • p. 269 (September 20, 1974). Acupuncture was nearly unknown to the general public before 1970. From then it grew quickly in popularity until, in the mid-1970s, it became common knowledge.