Anatomy and Physiology of Animals/Glossary/I-J

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Word Meaning
Ileum The terminal part of the small intestine
Immunity Being resistant to injury or invasion by microorganisms
Implantation The attachment of blastocyst to lining of uterus
Impotence The inability to copulate
Incisors The chisel-shaped ‘biting off’ teeth at the front of the mouth
Induced ovulation When ovulation is stimulated by mating as in cat and rabbit
Inferior Towards the lower part of the body. Not used in animals except, perhaps, higher apes
Infertility The inability to conceive or cause conception
Inflammation A localised protective response to tissue injury
Ingestion The taking in of food, liquids etc.
Inguinal To do with the groin
Inorganic Compounds that lack carbon
Insertion The attachment of a muscle tendon to a bone that moves
Inspiration Breathing in
Insulin A hormone produced by the pancreas. Decreases blood glucose levels
Intercostal muscles The muscles between the ribs.
Internal Away from the surface of the body
Interstitial fluid Extracellular fluid surrounding the cells
Intervertebral disc A pad of cartilage between the vertebrae
Intestinal juice Digestive secretion produced by glands in the lining of the small intestine
Intracellular fluid Fluid within the cells
Invertebrates Animals that do not posses a backbone or vertebral column
Ion A charged particle
Isotonic Having an osmotic pressure equal to that of a solution with which it is compared
Jejunum The middle portion of the small intestine