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Advanced Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists

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This book has been moved from its previous location as the wikibook Partial Differential Equations, it is currently under significant re-design to tune the material to the needs of engineers and scientists.

An all-in-one Printable Version is available. Partial differential equations may hurt your eyes and a computer monitor doesn't help, so printing is recommended.

The Front Cover

Introduction to Partial Differential Equations

Introductory Topics and Techniques

Parallel Plate Flow: Easy IC
Parallel Plate Flow: Realistic IC
Change of Variables
The Laplacian and Laplace's Equation


Introduction and Classifications
Vector Spaces: Mathematic Playgrounds
Details and Applications of Fourier Series

Moving On

Using the Rayleigh Quotient

Numeric Methods

Finite Difference Method
Method of Lines

Other Topics

Scale Analysis
Eigenfunction Expansion