A Field Guide to Final Fantasy's Creatures and Monsters/Monsters/A/Adamantoise

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Adamantoise (Final Fantasy XI - PC)
Adamantoise (Final Fantasy XI - PC)
Adamantaimai (Final Fantasy VII - PC)

Adamantoise (Final Fantasy VIII - PS)

The Adamantoise, sometimes simply named Land Turtle, is a gargantuan tortoise. Its shell provides it with a strong defense to its body, although magic is normally a weakness. The Adamantoise is often explicitly related to Adamantite, one of the strongest metals in several games of the series, which is used to make strong weapons such as Final Fantasy's Excalibur or Final Fantasy VIII's Lion Heart. Traditionally the Adamantoise is a mid to high level solitary monster appearing on beaches or in the final dungeon.

The Adamantoise and sometimes other variously named turtle monsters have appeared in all numbered installments of the series, except the first and the sixth, and also appear in the spin offs Mystic Quest, Tactics Advance, Chocobo's Dungeon 2 and Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales. They also appear in Itadaki Street Portable, and are featured as a Gummi Ship model in Kingdom Hearts.

Other names include Adamantaimai, Adamantortoise, Grass Turtle, Land Turtle, Tortoise, Carapace, Turtle, etc.[1][2]

The name is a portmanteau of the words "tortoise" and "adamant" ("unyielding").

Game appearances[edit | edit source]

Adamantoise has appeared in the following games:

References[edit | edit source]

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