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Final Fantasy IV

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Front box art of Final Fantasy II, the original Super Nintendo release of Final Fantasy IV in North America

Final Fantasy IV (originally titled Final Fantasy II with the North American Super Nintendo release) is the fourth game in the Final Fantasy series. The plot follows the quest of Cecil, as he seeks to recover the magic crystals in order to save the world from the evil that seeks to destroy it. It was first released on the Super Nintendo in 1991. Critics complained that the poor translation of the North American Super Nintendo release coupled with the less challenging gameplay made it inferior to the Japanese original.

It has since been re-released in the PlayStation compilations Final Fantasy Chronicles and Final Fantasy Collection, on the Game Boy Advance as Final Fantasy IV Advance, and on the PlayStation Portable in the compilation title Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection. In 2008, three years before the PlayStation Portable release, a 3D remake of the game was released for the Nintendo DS. For information on the 3D remake, see the Final Fantasy IV (3D remake) wikibook.

There are five different types of magic in the game: White, Black, Summon, Ninja, and Twin. In total, there are 24 White spells, 24 Black spells, 16 Summon spells, 6 Ninja spells, 2 Twin spells.

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