9-1 Physics

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9-1 Physics is a textbook designed to act as a free, reliable guide for students attempting the 9-1 Physics GCSE.

The table of contents has been structured around the AQA Specification.

This book is intended to be read chronologically.

We recommend that you are familiar with most of GCSE Mathematics as physics, like other sciences, relies on mathematics. Also, if you want to learn how to make the most of this textbook please read here.

Energy 0% developed[edit]

Energy systems 75% developed
Conservation of energy 0% developed
Energy questions 0% developed

Electricity 0% developed[edit]

Current, Potential difference and resistance 0% developed
Series and parallel circuits 0% developed
Domestic uses and safety 0% developed
Energy transfers 0% developed
Static electricity 0% developed
Topic questions 0% developed

Particle model of matter 0% developed[edit]

Changes of state and the particle model 0% developed
Internal energy and energy transfers 0% developed
Particle model and pressure 0% developed
Topic questions 0% developed

Atomic Structure 0% developed[edit]

Atoms and isotopes 0% developed
Atoms and nuclear radiation 0% developed
Hazards and uses of radioactive emissions and of background radiation 0% developed
Nuclear fission and fusion 0% developed
Topic questions 0% developed

Forces 0% developed[edit]

Forces and their interactions 0% developed
Work done and energy transfer 0% developed
Forces and elasticity 0% developed
Moments, levers and gears 0% developed
Pressure and pressure differences in fluids 0% developed
Forces and motion 0% developed
Momentum 0% developed
Topic questions 0% developed

Waves 0% developed[edit]

Waves in air, fluids and solids 0% developed
Electromagnetic waves 0% developed
Black body radiation 0% developed
Topic questions 0% developed

Electromagnetism 0% developed[edit]

Permanent and induced magnetism, magnetic forces and fields 0% developed
The motor effect 0% developed
Induced potential, transformers and the National Grid (physics only) 0% developed
Topic questions 0% developed

Space Physics 0% developed[edit]

Solar system 0% developed
Red shift 0% developed
Topic questions 0% developed

Practice Papers 0% developed[edit]


Experimental thinking 0% developed
How to make the most from this book
I've finished the book, where next?