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All rights available on Wikibooks are handled here, including reviewer, importer, uploader, administrator, bureaucrat, CheckUser, pseudo-bot, and bot flags. A nomination must demonstrate how the project will benefit from granting the rights.

To nominate a user (including yourself), add their username to the appropriate section below. Please explain why you feel the nominated user would be a good choice. All registered Wikibookians may comment, and provide arguments in support or opposition. For the bot flag, technical information about the bot may be requested. See the specific requirements for each type of access on their respective pages.
Consensus does not need to be demonstrated in granting reviewer, importer, and uploader flags. Administrators may use their best judgement in granting those. All other tools require community consensus and can only be granted by bureaucrats. Access to CheckUser is governed by CheckUser policy. After about one week, if there is consensus to grant access, then a bureaucrat will make it so and record the fact here. If not, a bureaucrat may refuse to grant the rights and the request will remain until a consensus is reached.

Removal of permissions[edit]

MiszaBot (discuss · contribs · count · logs · block log · rfps · rights [change]) (-Bot)[edit]

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Requests for permissions[edit]

Leaderboard (discuss · contribs · count · logs · block log · rfp · rights [change]) (reviewer or similar)[edit]

I would want the ability to automatically approve my edits , as I edit on a couple of important books and my edits do take quite a bit of time to be approved(and usually get approved when someone else posts). And as for automatic promotion to reviewer(if it exists) , how many edits is required?--Leaderboard (discusscontribs) 17:43, 26 October 2014 (UTC)

rattleCAD (discuss · contribs · count · logs · block log · rfp · rights [change]) (reviewer)[edit]

rattleCAD is an opensource project on
I wants to create a maunual for users here on wikibooks. I am the programmer of rattleCAD and wants to become also a reviewer of the wikibook: [rattleCAD User Manual rattleCAD (discuss · contribs · count · logs · block log · rfp · rights [change])

  • You don't need the reviewer bit to contribute. Eventually, once you have breadth of experience contributing to the project, you get automatically promoted to reviewer. --Pi zero (discusscontribs) 17:41, 15 June 2014 (UTC)

ArchiverBot (discuss · contribs · count · logs · block log · rfps · rights [change]) (+Bot)[edit]

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Jusjih (discuss · contribs · count · logs · block log · rfps · rights [change]) +Importer[edit]

Hello. I joined Wikibooks in 2004, but I have been more active on other wikis, especially as an administrator on Wikisource where s:Portal:Law of the Republic of China cannot easily maintain amended translated laws [3]. As I have started Annotated Republic of China Laws here, I would like to import amended translated laws that may be considered evolving works on Wikisource where translations by wiki users must be prefixed "Translation:", further complicating maintenance along with translations published outside wikis. Thanks.--Jusjih (discusscontribs) 01:48, 13 October 2014 (UTC)

Request for upload permission[edit]

Upload Access, Administrator Permission & Check-User Access[edit]

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Uploader Access[edit]

Firstly I would apologies as I entered the access request for all three into one. I am posting all as individual requests. Also Chazz, thank you for your support for this.

As stated earlier, I request Upload access here at WB for uploading images and media files (voice recordings and images for German Language), towards the book contribution. I am at office most of the times, and we have media restrictions on media web pages, which is Wiki Media and Commons. Apart from that many a times I have faced troubles uploading on the Commons, and thus would request if, the Upload access is granted to me out at WB. Jai Jinendra. Vishal Bakhai - WorksFlag of India.svg 08:30, 8 September 2014 (UTC)

Symbol oppose vote.svg Oppose After reading the reasons for the request it simply does not conform to requirements of the function of uploader. As an alternative solution to User:Harrybrowne1986 problems he may request help from someone at Commons to a) find a proxy that works b) serve as a proxy for the uploads. --Panic (discusscontribs) 00:42, 15 September 2014 (UTC)

Hello Panic. Thank you for the suggestion. However, as I already stated, the main reason I am asking is, I face issues with uploads in Commons, and many a times the Uploads fail. In those cases, my bandwidth goes for a toss, and also my time. Jai Jinendra. Vishal Bakhai - WorksFlag of India.svg 18:16, 19 September 2014 (UTC)
Again I don't see in there any reason to grant you the tools to upload what would be by our rules unacceptable files into Wikibooks. Seek a proxy that can do the work for you without requiring us to create an exception and a workload to deal with your issues. --Panic (discusscontribs) 21:00, 19 September 2014 (UTC)
I do not see where did I state that I wish to upload any unacceptable file? Please read again, as I specifically mentioned the files are dated about 50 years. Also, I request you to let me know, what do you mean by when you said "deal with your issues". Where and what is the issue here? If I face trouble uploading, and if I say I lose my time and my bandwidth after trying to upload something, is this an issue? I also do not see any reason behind all of these things, like "My English Skills", "My Issues"! All I know is that I have a "Neutral English", and that I do not find any proper justification in the way things have been picked on my requests. I might be new compared to some of the others, but I do have to say this, that I am really surprised at the way I am being treated here. Jai Jinendra. Vishal Bakhai - WorksFlag of India.svg 18:33, 23 September 2014 (UTC)
If a file is acceptable at Commons it is automatically not acceptable here.
Deal with your issues means deal with your problems. Problems that are exclusive to yourself.
I did no comment on you English skills and I find them not relevant if you at least can understand our policies and guidelines and fill up the required upload information.
I do agree that people have gone in a tangent when they should have clearly simply opposed your request on enough valid grounds. If you look at the archives you may notice that you aren't being treated differently that everyone else in the past. You also didn't help your cause by initiating discussions for several flags at the same time. I am opposing you in this one request because no one else was and you certainly (for what I understood) would be uploading files that wouldn't be acceptable here, since the cornerstone of the request is to use our project to upload files that you aren't' capable of uploading to Commons on technical problems, not license issues. At Wikibooks we only accept some Non-free media files as defined in our Media policy. --Panic (discusscontribs) 21:38, 23 September 2014 (UTC)


  • For the record, I Symbol support vote.svg Support uploader. Chazz (talk) 01:24, 8 September 2014 (UTC)
If I'm reading this correctly, requester seems to be saying that upload to commons is blocked at his workplace and he believes upload to WB may not be. I'm a little concerned that if he starts uploading to WB from his workplace, his workplace may respond by shutting down upload to WB as well... and maybe all access to all Wikimedia sites. Companies have been known to do that sort of thing... but if that's a risk requester wants to take with his entire company, and if he understands fair use and copyright issues, then my support remains in place... though shaken, I have to admit, by QU's comments below. Chazz (talk) 18:25, 8 September 2014 (UTC)
Don't get me wrong, once I understand the request properly I'm happy to consider it - I just don't understand it properly and I'm not really comfortable with uploading material here that should be at Commons most particularly as we don't have the volunteers to police the uploads like they do to ensure copyright compliance. I can grant the permission, remove the permission if abused and delete any bad uploads here so I'm not overly concerned about ensuring "perfection in understanding" first - unlike the admin and CU requests. QuiteUnusual (discusscontribs) 18:34, 8 September 2014 (UTC)
Hello Chazz & Quite.
I actually missed reading out this portion earlier. My office blocks only those sites, from which it has open source and data vulnerability issues, like commons, as it has its back-end data source on open library forum. Apart from commons, all other sites are open, till the time, the link do not lead to any porn, or inappropriate sites/topics/forum. Unlike commons, where, I agree and, no doubt had a lot of trouble, due to my own mistakes, I understand my responsibility here, and have always portrayed it. Also, the site Commons is blocked totally, and not just uploads, but none of the other projects are blocked, as are required at times for reference in our work. Jai Jinendra. Vishal Bakhai - WorksFlag of India.svg 10:28, 14 September 2014 (UTC)
  • This request is out of line with the reason the uploader flag is granted. It is only granted to those needing to upload non-free media that is unacceptable on Wikimedia Commons. QuiteUnusual (discusscontribs) 08:40, 8 September 2014 (UTC)
Not too sure of the abrupt ending of the sentence Quite and out of line! What I understand, is that I wish to upload a lot of audio files, and other images for the scope of German, and which is way too tedious to be done from Commons, and, since, I cannot access Commons from my work place, (wherein I work on WB/WP, when I get time), I will not be able to get the file codes, and also, the media linkage on the server gets too high. People do get the uploader access here as well, if it pertains out of non free media uploads as well. Please let me know, if this is feasible for the grant? Danke Schôn. Jai Jinendra. Vishal Bakhai - WorksFlag of India.svg 08:59, 8 September 2014 (UTC)
  • I don't understand why you think the upload would be "tedious" at Commons but okay at Wikibooks? Can you explain why you think uploading at Wikibooks would be easier? QuiteUnusual (discusscontribs) 09:18, 8 September 2014 (UTC)
  • You also seem to have received a lot of comments on your talk page at Commons (here) that suggests you don't understand free media and copyright rules. Is that what you mean by having difficulty with Commons? If so, you'll have the same problems here. And I see you have had images deleted as copyright violations from Wikipedia too. None of this suggests we should let you do the same here - QuiteUnusual (discusscontribs) 11:59, 8 September 2014 (UTC)
  • I know that I have a lot of removals from commons, and I agree to the points (to a certain extend of course), as I believe, that what I did was lack of knowledge at that time. If you would see, post those comments, I have uploaded images of my own, and while I continued my fight against vandalism. I am not sure, if you looked the dates up on WP, for images which got deleted. I believe, anyones can commit a mistake (me, you or anyone else). If that person comes out of it, and still is chased for the same thing again and again for no valid reason, it is just showing less respect for the other good deeds of his. The images and media (audio) files I am speaking about uploading here are for the German book, and are dated more than 50 years. So, they anyways can be uploaded here. The fact I said about the commons trouble, is that my system at times gets stuck due to some error, and the uploads do not get completed. This I have faced lot of times, only in commons. Still, if you do not wish to grant me one, I am fine with it. Jai Jinendra Vishal Bakhai - WorksFlag of India.svg 13:44, 13 September 2014 (UTC)
  • I would probably support this request if all of the other comments hadn't been here. I can fully understand the problem and here in Italy websites are routinely blocked without warning. Commons and Source were both unavailable on many ISPs for most of June and July. Do we now judge people based on their actions on other Wikimedia sites? If that's the case why don't we just use global blocks for everything and global permissions rather than local ones?--ЗAНИA Flag of the Isle of Mann.svgtalk 19:20, 8 October 2014 (UTC)

Administrator Permission[edit]

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CheckUser Access[edit]

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