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Fundamentals for Trainz Trainees
Trainz Asset Maintenance and Creation

Fundamentals for Trainz Asset Acquisition and Content Management
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Downloading from 3rd party Trainz fansites[edit]

Downloading 3rd party content from strange websites has it's risks, but the tight knit Trainz community provides a measure of protection for if mal-ware or spy-ware resides in any of these links, the community would be messaging about it on the forum as soon as suspicions arose and warning others of the possibility. Consequently, even hackers find hijacking a Trainz based site difficult as they get a fair amount of traffic from older experienced computer savvy Trainzers who sniff out such hacks.

Some of these sites are funded by the new download 'utilities' looking to have you also install 5-6 other items, so verify the url of the link and the meaning of each stage of installing--the Decline Offer button tends to be a minimal hyper link well off the main sight-line.

This list is not comprehensive and it is recommended to all that when browsing unknown sites to keep your machine free from possible malware you should only access them from a Windows user account which is not a Window administrator account on a machine that has automatic windows update enabled. This is the opposite setup of how you want to Run Trainz, so plan your browsing accordingly.

Google Chrome or the latest Firefox with the 'noscript addon' and 'add block' offer better protection than IE.

See also: Trainz/External Links and Where to find non-DLS assets, each of which contains some other links to 3rd party sites.

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  1. Find something you want browsing non-Auran websites.
    1. Some sites will require a login and validation cycle like TPR and Jointed-Rail.
    2. Do their sign-up dance two step and where necessary use a shopping cart if necessary. (These are security measures, so be glad!)
  2. 3rd Party sites will bundle offerings by zip, RAR, and cdp files as a rule. Some will offer a FTP download managed link.
  3. If the site is payware, we're sure you'll figure it out. If freeware, some will nonetheless suggest a donation.
    1. Given that a simple house asset likely represents 2-3 hours work to develop, a speedtree model upwards of a couple days as have many assets and a well modeled locomotive or passenger car with animated actions and interiors likely over six months, a modest donation is a reasonable request.
    2. The above times are one reason to not be upset when an asset shows up with errors in a newly changed data model. Upgrading hundreds of assets when N3V does a poor job of conveying what has changed so a CC can plan updates ahead of a sudden flurry of inquiries and complaints is a daunting task, and only rarely a possible one.

Third Party Trainz sites[edit]

See also Trainz/Where to find non-DLS assets and External Links (These pages eventually to be merged)
  1. US Railroad Works —Home of Auran Trainz Simulator Routes and Equipment