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This page auto-categorized Trainz Wikibooks redirect terms into the auto-Category:redirects from Trainz pages.

  • It's proper placement is on the same line as the #redirect [[Trainz/whatever page name]] as in the below example:
#redirect [[Trainz/whatever page name]]{{R from Trainz}}
  • to check the proper inclusion, separate the '#' from the word redirect like:
# redirect [[Trainz/target page name]] {{R from Trainz}]
  • It will sometimes also display the message in Preview if not properly installed, such as putting the template on a second line in the redirect page, hence the message might sometimes be produced indicating an error:

This page is a redirect from a Wikibooks Trainz page which either has been moved, or renamed, or a colloquial term or abbreviation with coverage on the targeted page receiving redirected links.