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  1. This page auto-categorized Trainz Wikibooks redirect terms into the auto-Category:Trainz redirect to sections pages.
  2. The redirects for all sections must use underscores after the # character for wikimarkup to build the proper path.
  3. The template should only be used when a hard redirect is created to link into a section title.
  4. Further, it is highly recommended that the {{Anchor}} template be used after the beginning of that targeted section with the same link name.
    1. AND an HTML comment be created at the Anchor citing that the redirect page targets the name.
  5. It's proper placement is on the same line as the #redirect [[Trainz/whatever page name]] as in the below example:
#redirect [[Trainz/whatever page name#The_section_title]]{{R to Trainz section}}
  • to check the proper inclusion, separate the '#' from the word redirect like:
# redirect [[Trainz/target page name#The_section_title]] {{R to Trainz section}]
  • It will sometimes also display the message in Preview if not properly installed, such as putting the template on a second line in the redirect page, hence the message might sometimes be produced indicating an error.

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This page is a redirect to a specific section of a Wikibooks Trainz page with topic being covered in the particular section on the targeted page receiving redirected links.