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DRAFT 1.6 119

� Section 8: Plug ins WINGS3D USER MANUAL 8.7 Books 3D Modeling and Surfacing by Bill Fleming, © 1999 by Academic Press; 340 pp. This is the best general introduction to 3D Modeling I have found. Over half the book is dedicated to principles of polygon modeling in one form or another, plus he explains NURBS based modeling, and the principles that deal with texturing. This is not a tutorial, it is a general discussion of principals and practices. Well worth while.

Principles of Three-Dimensional Computer Animation by Michael O'Rourke, © 1998 by Michael O'Rourke; 285 pp. I found the modeling portion of this book to be too elementary to be of much use, but am finding the sections on Rendering and Animation very informative since I have little background in those areas. He explains the theories behind lighting, texturing, atmospheric effects, keyframing, and inverse kinematics among other things. It reads much more like a text book than I would like, but it is very informative.