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Welcome to the Wikijunior Dinosaur project.


Tyrannosaurus Rex

When working on this project, remember that it's aimed at children. It's more important to be understood than to be precisely accurate on every detail. Use technical vocabulary when you need to, but don't use big words where simpler language would work. Whenever you have to use a word, list it in the glossary of basic terms, and define it. Either that, or note it needs to be defined in the glossary page. Giving definitions when such words are used is generally a good idea as well.

Please, if you can contribute to this book, do so. Many sections are in need of cleanup and complete rewrites.

If you have made contributions to this Wikibook and would like to have formal credit for being an author, please add your name to the list below:

Main Articles[edit]

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Other Articles[edit]

  • --Find out about dinosaur species, anatomy, habitats, and other facts on DinoData. With a glossary of paleontology terms, and illustrations of dinosaurs.

Major Questions[edit]

The questions that will appear in every article are:

  • What did they look like? (Their size, how they walked, some interesting facts about their different parts, etc.)
  • What did they eat? (Plant-eaters, omnivorous, or carnivorous, or more?)
  • When did they live? (Not all species of dinosaurs were alive during the K-T event. There were several development periods for different dinosaur species and some were likely "ancestors" of other dinosaurs found in later periods.)
  • Where did they live? (Ocean, shallow seas, jungle, grasslands, etc.)
  • How were they discovered? (Discussions about where the fossils were found and perhaps even names and information about the discoverer.)
  • What do we need to learn? (To demonstrate that science is still evolving and that we don't know all of the answers.)