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Edmontosaurus was a hadrosaur, or a duck-billed dinosaur

What did they look like?[edit | edit source]

They were large quadruped hadrosaurs. They had front legs similar to a horse's and had rigid, straight tails.

What did they eat?[edit | edit source]

They ate plants and shrubs.

When did they live?[edit | edit source]

They lived at the time of the K-T extinction, during the Cretaceous time period of the Mesozoic. This was about 65 million years ago.

Where did they live?[edit | edit source]

Early depictions showed hadrosaurs swimming in swamps and eating sea grass. However, we now know that hadrosaurs were land-dwelling dinosaurs. They lived in what is now the following areas: Alberta, Canada; Alaska; Wyoming; New Jersey; Montana.

How were they discovered?[edit | edit source]

Edmontosaurus were discovered in the year 1917, from a fossil in Edmonton Rock Formation, which is located in Alberta, Canada. They were named by a man named Lawrence M. Lambe, who the hadrosaur Lambeosaurus was named after

What do we need to learn?[edit | edit source]

  • Where they actually lived
  • Their speed (since only one badly wethered footprint has ever been found but has now been referred to Wichhelmipus)
the Wichhelmipus eurograndzie tracks, discovered in 2017