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If you wish to be formally listed as an author of Wikijunior Big Cats, please sign your name below.

According to the United States Code for registering a copyrighted work, you must include your nationality (what country you claim citizenship in) and the country you are currently residing in, if different. It is also suggested by the U.S. Copyright office to include the year you were born, for identification purposes. They also ask for the year of death, and if you know of a Wikibookian who has passed away, this would also be useful. How exactly we are going to collect this information for users and contributors of this Wikibooks is totally unknown, and is going to be an interesting little ride. Please add comments in the discussion page if you have any reservations about giving this information out. This is moving into new territory here, so we don't know exactly what is going to be required or if new policies should or ought to be developed.

This list has been gleaned from the histories of each section of this Wikibook. If you are missing and have contributed, I apologize in advance. I may have missed somebody. --Rob Horning

If you wish to be listed as an author of Wikijunior Big Cats, but do not wish to give private information, please sign your name below as well. Formal listing is only required for registration and registration is not necessary. It is only required in order to file suit for infringement, and registration in advance protects the ability to claim statutory damages and attorney's fees (actual damages are not affected).

Anonymous authors include those who made edits without logging in as a user. While edits of this nature are appreciated, there is no way we can give attribution to any specific person unless they have created an account here.

Authors of this book include:

  1. Danny
  2. Zanimum
  3. Theresa knott
  4. Angela
  5. Nunh-huh
  6. Lyellin
  7. Mkn
  8. The bellman
  9. Naryathegreat
  10. Aya
  11. ManuelGR
  12. Robert Horning
  13. Happenstantially
  14. Bart133
  15. Goodgerster
  16. Raylena
  17. Laura K Fisher, Boulder, CO, USA, 1982
  18. John H Burkitt, Nashville, TN, USA
  19. E Kelly Wiggins, Reno, NV, USA
  20. Percival Ross Tiglao, MD, USA
  21. Milton Tan
  22. Eduardo Lachy, VA USA, 1990.
  23. Paul from Michigan, MI, USA, 1955

And many anonymous Wikibook readers