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Ugh! I left Wikibooks for such a long time!! I'm back now. Sorry to everyone who left a message on the talk page. -- Mkn 17:34, 12 July 2006 (UTC)

Japanese[edit | edit source]

I'm not sure how to write the lessons for this wikibook so I'm still figuring out which method is best for constructing the lessons. I would like to make the lessons become instantly practical, something the reader can put into use right away.

At the moment, I'm consulting different materials such as textbooks, audio, and video. Some of the lessons might be too close to the actual material so I'm going to try fiddling around with the lessons for a bit and try to figure out what's a good structure and format to use for the basic lessons.

I've noticed that there is still a demand for romaji in the wikibooks, so probably it would be best to have it in the beginner's section.

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