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Help pages[edit]

  • Help content should be updated as no maintenance performed after automatic imports from Meta halted
  • Pull content from mature Wikipedia help pages with attribution in edit summary and localize to Wikibooks
  • Go through Wikibooks namespace for pages that should be in help namespace
  • Move FAQs to subpages of Help:FAQ, condense to one link in sidebar nav (and Help:Contents if more is added?), and create Template:Wikibooks FAQ to link them and provide search box.
  • Potentially use a horizontal navbox instead of the layout currently at Template:Wikibooks help to permit links to some of the Help pages linked from Help:Contents and not the template, possibly using Template:Navbox with collapsible groups if it gets too large
  • Potentially redesign Help:Contents

Determining structure[edit]

Help:About; merged into Wikibooks:Welcome
Wikibooks:What is Wikibooks Yes check.svg updated
Help:Glossary Yes check.svg updated
Wikibooks:Policies and guidelines

Browsing Wikibooks[edit]

Maybe merged together into Help:Navigating?
Help:How to explore Wikibooks; merged into Help:Navigating
Help:Searching; merged into Help:Navigating
Help:Keyboard shortcuts; merged into Help:Navigating
Help:What links here; merged into Help:Navigating

Account management[edit]

Maybe merge together into Help:Account management
Help:Logging in; merged into Help:Account management
Help:Preferences; merged into Help:Account management
Help:Changing username; merged into Help:Account management
Help:User style; deleted—pointed readers to Cascading Style Sheets

Contributing to Wikibooks[edit]

Help:How to contribute; merged into Help:Contributing
Help:Why contribute?; merged into Help:Contributing
Help:Editing Yes check.svg updated
Help:Edit summary; merged with Help:Editing
Help:Minor edit; merged with Help:Editing
Help:Show preview; merged with Help:Editing
Help:Links; merged with Help:Editing
Help:Section; merged with Help:Editing
Help:Uploading files merged with Help:Images and other uploaded files to Help:Files
Help:Redirect; merged with Help:Editing
Help:References; merged with Help:Editing
Help:Lists; merged with Help:Editing
Help:Categories Yes check.svg updated
Help:Files Yes check.svg updated
Help:Tables Yes check.svg updated
Help:Templates Yes check.svg updated
Help:Formulas updated
Help:Variables updated
Merge together into Help:Pages
Help:Page name; merged with Help:Pages
Help:Namespaces; merged with Help:Pages
Help:Archiving a talk page; merged with Help:Pages
Help:Talk page; merged with Help:Pages
Help:Moving a page; merged with Help:Pages
Help:Merging pages; merged with Help:Pages
Help:Deleting pages; merged with Help:Pages
Help:What is a module; merged with Help:Pages
Merge into Help:Local manuals of style or alternate name?
Help:Print versions

Tracking changes[edit]

Merge together into Help:Tracking changes
Help:Recent changes; merged into Help:Tracking changes
Help:Related changes; merged into Help:Tracking changes
Help:Revision review; merged into Help:Tracking changes
Help:Watching pages; merged into Help:Tracking changes
Help:Page history; merged into Help:Tracking changes
Help:Diff; merged into Help:Tracking changes
Help:User contributions; merged into Help:Tracking changes


Reduce footprint at Help:Contents to Help:FAQ
Help:Editing FAQ; merge with Help:Contributing FAQ? Yes, redundant with Help:Editing
Help:Technical FAQ - move questions to related FAQs and delete? Done
Help:Administration FAQ - move questions to related FAQs and delete?
Help:Overview FAQHelp:FAQ/Overview
Help:Readers' FAQHelp:FAQ/Readers
Help:Contributing FAQHelp:FAQ/Contributing
Help:Problems FAQHelp:FAQ/Problems
Help:FAQ/Schools? (goes with class projects support)
Help:FAQ/Subjects (rework Wikipedia:FAQ/Categories)?

See also at bottom[edit]

Using Wikibooks
Editing Wikitext
Subject:Help Retain link/subject?

Currently unfiled or linked from Help:Contents[edit]

Merged Help:Import and Wikibooks:Imports to Help:Importing
Merge Help:Importing, Help:Export, and Help:Database download to Help:Copying?
Merge in condensed version of Wikibooks:Dewikify to cleanup tasks on Wikibooks portion of Help:Importing?