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Significant Milestones for en.wikibooks (anticipated by July)[edit source]

  • Over 15,000 Wikibook modules
  • Over 1000 Wikibooks
  • Over 500,000 edits
  • Over 25,000 registered users
  • Nearly 50 books near completion, and many other books in good condition.

Significant Milestones for all Wikibooks projects[edit source]

  • Over 40,000 Wikibook modules
  • Over 50,000 Registered Users editing Wikibooks
  • Over 30 active languages (> 100 modules in each project)
  • Over 7 projects > 1000 modules (Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian and English)
  • Over 50% of Wikibooks now is non-English

Project state[edit source]

  • Still not many active users
  • Most of books concentrate on programming and foreign languages

Important events[edit source]

  • Project overcame moment of inactivity
  • Rethinking of some project policies, page naming policy was finally introduced
  • Major reconstruction of main page resulting in more readable look
  • New namespace for Cookbook

Wikijunior[edit source]

  • Big Cats was completed and typeset. Print edition is currently on hold, but complete.

Wikiversity[edit source]

PDF Files/Printable Wikibooks[edit source]

  • Wikibooks started creating printable versions of books
  • Currently more than 20 books are available as ready-to-print PDF files

Significant Wikibooks of Note[edit source]

Other languages[edit source]

German[edit source]

Polish[edit source]

  • 1000 modules milestone reached in March, 2006 - number of modules has doubled since September, 2005
  • 25 000 total edits reached in June, 2006
  • significant boost in project activity in 2005
  • started vote for new book of a month
  • first mention in press - December, 2006
  • the largest book is Japanese with 106 chapters and about 400 kilobytes of text
  • creation of community portal and redesign of main page (2005)
  • started creating print versions in December, 2006 with OGRE; now there are 10 books with print version
  • one PDF version created in June, 2006 - Organiczna technika studiowania (covering mind maps and effective learning)
  • two large, completed books: Organiczna technika studiowania and IRC

Italian[edit source]

  • over 1000 modules in june 2006
  • doubled since dec 2005
  • great statistic [1]
  • redesign of main page in feb 06
  • creating pdf and printable version of many books (now 4)
  • significative increase in non-language non-computer books like medicine chemistry and physics
  • started a big program for transferring non enciclopedic text that are good for books, from wikipedia