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On 2D Inverse Problems[edit]

by David V. Ingerman[edit]

About the book
Graphs and manifolds
Harmonic functions
On random processes
Special matrices and determinants
Electrical networks
The inverse problems
Three classical problems
On the inverse problem of Calderon
"Can One Hear the Shape of a Drum?"
On inhomogeneous string of Krein
Embedded graphs
Y-Δ and star-mesh transforms
Medial graphs
Dual graphs and harmonic conjugates
Determining genus of a graph
Hamiltonian paths in graphs
The new spectral theorem
The layered case
Fourier coordinates
Stieltjes continued fractions
Blaschke products
Pick-Nevanlinna interpolation
Cauchy matrices
Solution of the inverse problem
The square root of minus Laplacian
The case of the unit disc
One more graph example
Zolotarev problem
Discrete and continuous models
Kernel of Dirichlet-to-Neumann map
Riemann mapping theorem
Hilbert transfrom
Schrodinger equation
Variation diminition property
Spectral properties
About the author