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Web Development/Finding investors, advertisers, and supporters

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Investors can be a great source of startup revenue, if you can convince them your website is worth their while.

If the website is for an existing business, convincing an investor to pitch in to cover the cost of professional web development should be fairly easy, as in many cases a website can be a great marketing tool.

Typically investors will not be interested in funding personal sites. Investors want a return on their investment, so unless your website is going to make money, either on its own or by supporting a separate business.


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Advertising on your Site

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If you don't charge for content, then web advertising may be a good option for you to generate revenue. You can use an ad network to deliver ads, or you can work directly with clients to advertise on your site. Different services and clients will give different rates, both for number of views, and for number of clicks.

Advertising on your website is a strategy which must be done with careful consideration for your users. If the advertisements on your site are obnoxious, users may leave.

Some website categories are generally expected not to have commercial advertising at all, because the presence of advertisements would call into question the neutrality of the institution. Such websites include government websites, websites of schools and universities, websites for churches and religious institutions, websites for the military, and other similar categories.

To a lesser extent, advertising is also disfavored on certain commercial sites as well. On industry and commercial websites, you don't want to risk loosing a enterprise sale worth thousands or even millions because an advert struck a client the wrong way. For the same reason certain mass market customer facing websites generally solely advertise in house, because the website itself serves as an advertisement, and the potential for an ad to distract, detract, or otherwise harm the customer experience is too great.

Advertising your Site

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