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Welcome to the book on web development. Web development is defined as the conception, design, and implementation of a web entity created to serve a specific purpose, whether this be commerce, discourse, to provide services, etc...

Table of Contents[edit]

  1. Introduction
    1. The history of the Internet
    2. Why do people develop web pages?
    3. What is web development?
  2. The Concept
    1. Getting from vague idea to hammered-out concept
    2. Pre-design testing and other useful techniques
    3. The rationale of concepts: being careful
  3. Resources
    1. What's needed to develop a website?
    2. Setting up a reasonable web development budget
    3. Finding investors, advertisers, and supporters
    4. Making connections and selling your concept
  4. The Image
    1. The importance of a website's unified theme
    2. The design phase and the one-second test
    3. Compliance and audience reach
  5. The Backend
    1. What is a backend?
    2. To db or not to db?
    3. Choosing the right programming language
    4. Good coding procedures and adherence to standards
  6. Gaining users
    1. Finding your target audience
    2. Enticing advertisers
    3. Search engine optimization
    4. The common misconception: visits vs. hits
    5. Staying updated: why people come back
    6. Adding a Forum
  7. The Follow-through
    1. Updating a live website
    2. Providing support
    3. Continued dedication
  8. Closing Shop
    1. Life after death: selling your website
    2. An alternative to closing: going open-source

Case Studies[edit]

  1. PTM Training