Web Development/Finding your target audience

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Your target audience is the overall audience to whom you want to sell or deliver information. A target audience can include demographics, such as women over the age of forty, location (i.e., people who live in the United States) or behaviors and interests, such as people who jog every morning or watch college football on Saturday’s. A target audience is needed to direct content. Content for a website should exhibit why your product, information or service is valuable, why it should be utilized over competitors and most importantly, it needs to engage users.

Web content is the textual, aural or visual content found on a website. Content includes but is not limited to, the following: text, images, links, files, templates, applications, data, e-services, and videos. Web content should be developed with intentions of ranking high in search engines and making people revisit the website because it offers a good user experience.

Finding your target audience online is for content strategy, which is the development, management and delivery of content. It is important as it defines how an individual or organization will use content to meet business goals, satisfy customer needs and guide decisions about content throughout its life cycle. In order for content to be good it must be appropriate for your business, users and context. Content is deemed appropriate based on whether or not it helps users meet their needs. Websites should be designed so people can manage and access information efficiently. Users are satisfied when they find what they need, when they need it and in the form they need it. The design of information architecture, tabs based on subject matter, downloadable files and a search bar are things that can make a website easier to manage and information accessible.