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Visual physics and mathematics

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This book will present images and animations which illustrate points of physics or mathematics.

Anyone is invited to contribute.

Gravitation[edit | edit source]


Dancing gravitational field.gif

Fluid dynamics[edit | edit source]

Sound waves :

Spherical pressure waves.gif

Flow around a cylinder:

Inviscid flow around a cylinder.gif

Flow around a wing:

Flow around a wing.gif

Venturi Effect:


Magnus effect:

Magnus effect.gif

Karman vortex street:

Karman vortex street.gif



Relativity[edit | edit source]

Relativistic wheels:

Relativistic wheels.gif

Quantum Physics[edit | edit source]

Heisenberg indeterminacy:

Indeterminacy principle.gif

Wave-particle duality:

Wave-particle duality.gif

Solitary wavelet or particle?


Interference of a particle with itself:

Interference of a quantum particle with itself.gif

Chua system[edit | edit source]

From periodicity to chaotic order.gif

Chua attractor.gif Chua attractor 14 4.gif

Chua a=0 to 18 42.gif Chua a=12 6 to 13 8.gif

Lorenz system[edit | edit source]

Lorenz apparition small.gif

Lorenz attractor small.gif

Percolation[edit | edit source]

Percolation zoom.gif

Percolation critique.gif

Transition de percolation 3.gif

Transition de percolation 2.gif

Vibrations[edit | edit source]

Tambour 1.gif
Tambour 1 2.gif
Tambour 2.gif
Tambour 2 2.gif
Tambour 5 3.gif

Shock waves[edit | edit source]

Undercompressive shock wave.gif

Compressive shock wave.gif