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Visual physics and mathematics

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This book will present images and animations which illustrate points of physics or mathematics.

Anyone is invited to contribute.

Classical mechanics[edit]



Fluid dynamics[edit]

Sound waves :

Spherical pressure waves.gif

Flow around a cylinder:

Inviscid flow around a cylinder.gif

Flow around a wing:

Flow around a wing.gif

Venturi Effect:


Dynamical systems[edit]

Flows near a point of equilibrium[edit]



Flow of the damped harmonic oscillator.gif Spiralling flow with a streamline.gif Oscillateur harmonique dans le plan xv.gif

Star attractor.gif Expeller 2D.gif

An exceptional kind of stable node.gif An exceptional kind of unstable node.gif

Shear flow.gif

Several points of equilibrium[edit]

Saddle and stable node.gif Saddle and unstable node.gif

Limit cycles[edit]

Stable limit cycle.gif Unstable limit cycle.gif

Lorenz system[edit]

Lorenz apparition small.gif

Lorenz attraction front view.gif Lorenz attraction profile view.gif

Lorenz attraction 45 degrees left profile view.gif Lorenz attraction 45 degrees right profile view.gif

Lorenz attraction top view.gif

Lorenz attractor small.gif

Chua system[edit]

Chua attractor.gif Chua attractor 14 4.gif

Chua a=0 to 18 42.gif Chua a=12 6 to 13 8.gif


Pi and the relationship between a circle's circumference:


Quantum Physics[edit]

Heisenberg indeterminacy:

Indeterminacy principle.gif

Wave-particle duality:

Wave-particle duality.gif

Solitary wavelet or particle?


Interference of a particle with itself:

Interference of a quantum particle with itself.gif