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These are the general steps that I have followed whenever I wanted to create a new book on Wikibooks. My first book, Reverse Engineering taught me a lot of lessons about book creation, and I have spent a lot of time fixing and reformatting that book to be a good resource. One of my more recent books, Control Systems was in planning for a pretty long time, but because of the extra time, was able to reach a good stable state in a matter of days.

For interested readers, I maintain a page in my user space with my upcoming projects listed, and even described. This page is known as My Book Foundry, and people are welcome to come see what projects I have planned, and what books I will be introducing in the future.

Even though this book doesn't represent official Wikibooks policy or official guidelines, I feel that it can be a useful resource for dedicated editors who sincerely want to create new books, and expand Wikibooks. We have the potential and the tools here to truly create a valuable resource for students around the world, and if we put thought and planning into it, we can help to utilize that potential. I would love to hear from other contributors about this guide (positive or negative), and I would love to hear about the experiences other people have had in creating new books and new modules here on Wikibooks. Good luck, and happy writing.