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This is a list of status codes for use with the User:Whiteknight/Book template at User:Whiteknight/All Books. Eventually I am going to move to a better system of indicating the quality of a book, but until then, this is what I'm using. Don't make changes to this.

Book Status Codes

Books are given a state and a focus

State is the development state of the book.
  • featured: This is a featured book, but all books can be improved
  • Review: This book needs to be reviewed and copyedited in preparation for becoming featured.
  • Revise: This book needs to be edited and improved
  • Expand: This book needs to expand by adding more content
  • stub: This book is a stub and needs general work
  • bad: This book is in very bad shape and might need to be deleted
Focus is the one thing that the book needs help with the most.
  • Content: More content needs to be written
  • Style: Existing content needs to be improved in technicality, composition, and style
  • Formatting: Formatting and templates need to be improved
  • Visuals: Images, tables, and other resources need improving
  • Cleanup: General cleanup of existing content and materials
  • Accuracy: Examples, references, fact-checking, NPOV and NOR checking
  • Rename: Book needs to be renamed. See notes for details.
  • Subpages: Book needs to be broken into subpages
  • Split: Book should be split into smaller books. See associated outline page for details.
  • Verify: Book needs to be sighted for quality