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I have mainly contributed to:

TO DO list[edit | edit source]

  • Add note about if there is a place (or link) where one can go to make suggestions or ask newbie questions or comments. For example, I wonder what "fine-grained control over visibility" means. An example would be great! Thanks! lmj
  • Improve the see also section:
    • More links to Wikipedia
    • Ada Gems
    • Explicit references to the Ada Quality and Style Guide
    • References to the Ada 95 and Ada 83 Rationale
    • Templates for linking to the covers (ARM, SG, Rationale)
    • Links always to Ada Programming and the parent section? Those links are already available in the navigation bar
    • Put always the Ada Reference Manual subsection, even when it does not apply?
    • Put always links to both the ARM 95 & ARM 2005?
    • Cite templates: AARM, Rationale, Ada-Issues...
  • Template Template:Ada/pragma adds "pragma" and Template:Ada/restriction adds "pragma Restriction". New templates Template:Ada/pragma name and Template:Ada/restriction name?
  • Improved Index
  • Template:Ada/Operators — Update wikilinks
  • Exercises
  • Scope of every part: tutorial, links, annexes (pragmas, keywords, attributes),... Which parts will be printed?
  • Changes to the language (Ada 83, Ada 95, Ada 2005)
  • List of exceptions defined in the Standard Libraries?
  • Tools
    • GNAT Tools (gnatelim, gnatmetric, ...)
    • Language translators from/to other languages [1]
    • Creation of bindings
  • Dynamic libraries
  • Coding conventions:
    • ARM
    • GNAT
    • GNU
    • SPARK
    • Other projects
  • More compilers [3], and tools
  • New wikibooks:
    • Ada for C and C++ programmers
    • Ada for Java programmers
    • Ada for Fortran programmers
    • Ada for COBOL programmers
    • Ada for Pascal programmers
    • Ada (+ GNAVI) for Delphi programmers
    • Ada (+ GNAVI) for Visual Basic programmers
    • Ada for Eiffel programmers
    • SPARK
    • Ada Encyclopaedia
  • Language Quick Reference Guide. Like [4], but for Ada 2005 and including syntax

Templates[edit | edit source]

  • Ada/83/Cite AI
  • Ada/83/Cite UI : Uniformity Issues
  • Ada/95/Cite AC : Ada Commentaries
  • Ada/Cite asis issues : ASIS 1999
  • issn in cite journal

Experiments[edit | edit source]

Statistics[edit | edit source]

External links[edit | edit source]