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Wikibooks is a Wikimedia community for creating a free library of educational textbooks that anyone can edit. Wikibooks began on July 10, 2003; since then Wikibooks has grown to include over 79,744 pages in a multitude of textbooks created by volunteers like you!
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The book of the month for August is Wikijunior Solar System - a guide to our solar system for children aged 8-11.

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Ancient Civilizations – Big Cats – Bugs – Dinosaurs – The Elements – How Things Work – Human Body – Kings and Queens of England – Languages – The Solar System – South America – World War II


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To ask questions of the community or start discussion, visit the Reading room. (This is the equivalent to Wikipedia's Village Pump.)

Wikibooks is a Wikimedia project set up July 10, 2003. Since then, volunteers have written around 79,744 book modules in a multitude of books.

Play around in the sandbox, a place where you can do anything and get a feel for how a wiki works. The central place to ask questions is the reading room. See also the mailing list or planning pages.

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