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  1. Flora of New York/w Not vandalisim
  2. Jumieka Not vandalisim
  3. Basic Algebra/Exponential Functions/Chapter Review Not vandalisim
  4. REBOL Programming/zero? Not vandalisim
  5. FHSST Biology/Contents/Index/TCMS/Cells and genetics/Tissues and organsUser:PokestarFanBot/possible vandalisim/2017/August/yes
  6. Electronics Handbook/Electronic Machines/Communication Machines/Telephone Not vandalisim
  7. Traditional Chinese Medicine/Yu Nu Jian Not vandalisim
  8. Programming Languages/Logical Languages Not vandalisim
  9. Hiking in the Canadian Rockies/Overnight Hikes Not vandalisim
  10. Arithmetic/Introduction to Arithmetic/Prerequisites to This TextbookUser:PokestarFanBot/possible vandalisim/2017/August/yes
  11. Ukrainian Dancing/Volyn/Steps for Men and Boys Not vandalisim
  12. Multibody Mechanics/Reference Frame Not vandalisim
  13. Women Studies 333 - Summer 2015/References Not vandalisim
  14. High School Probability and Statistics/Visualizations of Data Not vandalisim
  15. Horticulture/Fruit Growing Not vandalisim
  16. Community Health Worker Manual/Diarrhea/Treatment Overview/First Principle -- Keep Giving Liquids/ORS Not vandalisim
  17. Statics/References Not vandalisim
  18. English-Hanzi/Lower blood pressure by eating less salt Not vandalisim
  19. History of Christianity/Reformation/History of Christian Theology Not vandalisim
  20. Raising Cattle/Purchasing CattleUser:PokestarFanBot/possible vandalisim/2017/August/yes
  21. History of Chile/Presidential Republic Not vandalisim
  22. ERP Internals/Glossary/Requisition Not vandalisim
  23. Spanish by Choice/SpanishPod newbie lesson A0008/Print version Not vandalisim
  24. Swedish/Letters and corresponding sounds Not vandalisim
  25. Puzzles/Geometric Puzzles/Rectangle and Circle/Hint Not vandalisim
  26. Micronations/Authors Not vandalisim
  27. Traditional Chinese Medicine/Removing Stagnancy By Warming Yang Not vandalisim
  28. SI521 "Open Educational Resources at the University of Michigan" Open Textbook/Class Materials/February5Assignment Not vandalisim
  29. MATLAB Programming/Psychtoolbox/Screen Commands/SelectMATLAB Not vandalisim
  30. Traditional Chinese Medicine/Relieving Cough By Dispersing The Lung Not vandalisim
  31. RTEMS for Embedded Software Developers/Contributing While LearningUser:PokestarFanBot/possible vandalisim/2017/August/yes
  32. Series License/Uniform Investment Advisor ExamUser:PokestarFanBot/possible vandalisim/2017/August/yes
  33. Conlang/Advanced/Sounds/Ingressive Not vandalisim
  34. Practical Electronics/AD and DA Converters Not vandalisim

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  1. Radiation Oncology/Bone/PNET

23:59, 19 August 2017 (UTC)