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  1. ERP Internals/Glossary/Universal Product Code Not vandalisim
  2. Spanish by Choice/SpanishPod newbie lesson A0007/Print version Not vandalisim
  3. Order Theory Not vandalisim
  4. The Rowers of Vanity Fair/Print version Not vandalisim
  5. Oracle and DB2, Comparison and Compatibility/Process Model/Transaction Management/DB2 Possible vandalisim, please Delete
  6. Energy Efficiency Reference/Industrial/Assessment Opportunity Details/Productivity Not vandalisim
  7. Hebrew/Notebook Not vandalisim
  8. Practical Electronics/Inputs
  9. Extreme Act of Intelligence/PHP - Rasmus Lerdorf
  10. Modern Physics/Page List
  11. A-level Chemistry/AQA/Module 5/Thermodynamics/Ideal Gas/Triple Point
  12. Python Programming/Natural Language Toolkit
  13. Inkscape/Filters
  14. Hiking in the Canadian Rockies/Day Hikes/Kananaskis/Elbow Sheep Wildland Provincial Park
  15. Computer Go/KGS/kgsGtp
  16. History of Christianity/Origins of Christianity/Early Christianity
  17. ERP Internals/Modules/Currency/Reports
  18. The History of Microsoft
  19. ERP Internals/Glossary/Raw Materials
  20. Digital Circuits/NOR gate
  21. High School Life Science/Cell Division, Reproduction, and DNA
  22. History of Christianity/Reformation/Systematic Theology
  23. Chemical Sciences: A Manual for CSIR-UGC National Eligibility Test for Lectureship and JRF/Chemical Sciences
  24. William Shakespeare's Works/Sonnets/Sonnets 21-30
  25. Getting Started
  26. Practical Electronics/IC/4073
  27. Ayurveda/Kapha
  28. Bicycles/Maintenance and Repair/Tools and Supplies/Starnut Driver
  29. School Science/OHP coil
  30. OpenSSH/Print version
  31. C Programming/Platform Reference
  32. CRE Loaded Features/Configuration/GZip Compression
  33. Hiking in the Canadian Rockies/Day Hikes/Kananaskis/South Kananaskis
  34. A-level Computing/OCR/Basic Principles of Hardware, Software and Applications/Machine Level Architecture
  35. Punjabi/Dictionary/ਪ
  36. Spanish by Choice/SpanishPod newbie lesson A0092/Print version
  37. Lateral thinking puzzles/A Strange Drink/Solution
  38. History of Christianity/The Nicene or Post-Nicene Period/The Cappadocian Fathers
  39. Spanish by Choice/Novelas Cortas 14/Print version
  40. Screen Printing/Advanced Techniques
  41. History of the National Hockey League/1917–1942/Origins/Eddie Livingstone
  42. TeX/openin
  43. Conlang/Advanced/Grammar/Sources
  44. Autodesk Inventor/Drawing Creation
  45. Circuit Theory/Simultaneous Equations/Example 2/ex2matlab
  46. Digital Circuits/XOR gate
  47. Telecommunications Theory/Uses and Gratifications
  48. Corps-Style Marching/Authors & Contributors
  49. Geography of France/Brittany, Normandy, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, and the Eastern Coast
  50. More C++ Idioms/Fake Vtable
  51. How To Build A Pykrete Bong
  52. FHSST Biology/Doing Dissections
  53. Expert Systems/Licensing
  54. Phylogenetics/Noted contributors
  55. ERP Internals/Glossary/GST
  56. Survey of Communication Study/Print version
  57. Florence Earle Coates Guide-Book/V
  58. History of Christianity/Reformation/English Reformation
  59. Practical Electronics/Device pinouts
  60. Middle School Science/Glossary/E
  61. Movie Making Manual/Festivals/resfest
  62. Sedimentation/Modeling
  63. Orthopaedic Surgery/Surgical Procedures
  64. Local Area Network design/Print version
  65. Catalogue of Galaxy Clusters
  66. Uim/todo
  67. A-level Computing/AQA/Paper 2/Fundamentals of data representation/Units of information/units
  68. ERP Internals/Data Tables/Supporting Tables/Price List
  69. Trigonometry/Circles and Triangles/The Pivot theorem
  70. Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Recreation/Swimming - Beginner
  71. Electronics Handbook/Electronic Machines/Audio Machines/Compact Disk Player
  72. Sublime Text Handbook/ConceptIndex/AppOpenRunCmd
  73. Alchemy/Alchemy in the Present
  74. RattleCAD User Manual/Architecture
  75. Electronics Communication/Signal Processing/Signal Modulation & Demodulation/PM Demodulation
  76. Georgia Water/Best Practices/Wastewater
  77. Question Bank for High School Science/Mathematics
  78. Blender 3D: Noob to Pro/Every Material Known to Man/Rust
  79. Hindi/Parts of speech
  80. Basic Algebra/Rational Expressions and Equations/Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions
  81. Icelandic/Cover
  82. Educational Technology Innovation and Impact/Mobile Learning
  83. Introduction to Mathematical Physics/Relativity
  84. Collection of Mathematical Formulas/Trigonometry
  85. The Developer's Guide to WordPress/Fundamentals
  86. 360 Assembly/360 Instructions/CVDG
  87. Algorithm Implementation/Statistics
  88. Þat englisce Alphabet/N
  89. High School Biology/Human Genetics
  90. ERP Internals/Glossary/IFRS
  91. Programmable Logic/Synthesis
  92. Advanced Structural Analysis/Part I - Theory/Typical Engineering Materials/Metals/Non-ferrous Metals
  93. Electronics Handbook/Devices/Converter
  94. IGNOU Question Paper Solutions/MCA
  95. ERP Internals/Data Tables/Purchase Order
  96. Bioinformatics/Sequence Databases
  97. Modx/How to setup Modx on linux
  98. The Holocaust/Further Reading
  99. Refugee Phrasebook/List of Maps for Refugee Phrasebook
  100. Bicycles/Maintenance and Repair/Headsets