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XQuery Cookbook and Tutorial[edit]

Learning XQuery by example[edit]

Getting Started with XQuery
Installing and Testing
Loading data
FLWOR Expression
Begining Examples
Parsing CSV
XPath examples
Regular Expressions
Searching multiple collections
Getting URL Parameters
Getting POST Data
Checking for Required Parameters
Displaying Lists
Extracting data from XHTML files
Displaying data in HTML Tables
Limiting Result Sets
Filtering Words
Saving and Updating Data
Quantified Expressions
Dates and Time
Chaining Web Forms
Using XQuery Functions
Creating XQuery Functions
Returning the Longest String
Net Working Days
Tag Cloud
String Analysis
Manipulating URIs
Parsing Query Strings
Splitting Files
Filling Portlets
Filtering Nodes
Limiting Child Trees
Higher Order Functions
Timing Fibonacci algorithms
Using Intermediate Documents
Uploading Files
TEI Concordance
Queries on Tables
Namespace Constructors
Introduction to XML Search