XQuery/Limiting Child Trees

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Motivation[edit | edit source]

You have a tree of data and you want to limit the results to a given level of a tree.

Sample Data[edit | edit source]

Assume we have an org chart that has the following structure:

<position title="President" name="Peg Prez">
   <position title="Vice President" name="Vic Vicepres">
      <position title="Director" name="Dan Director">
          <position title="Manager" name="Marge Manager">
              <position title="Supervisor" name="Sue Supervisor">
                  <position title="Project Manager" name="Pete Project"/>
   <position title="CFO" name="Barb Beancounter"/>
   <position title="CIO" name="Tracy Technie"/>
</source >

To display an org chart you only want to display the individual and their direct reports.

== Approach ==
We will use computed element and attribute constructors.

<syntaxhighlight lang="xml">
let $positions := doc('/db/my-org/apps/hr/data/positions.xml')/position

{for $subelement in $positions/position
       element {name($subelement)} 
       {for $attribute in $subelement/@*
          return attribute {name($attribute)} {$attribute}